Saturday, October 29, 2011

M's Food Find #71 (update)

Heyhey! Now I've blogged about this restaurant before, called Kai in Parry Avenue. But had to do a quick update because I keep going back since the first visit and on the second visit discovered this... AND never ever order anything else since.

It's called the Sushi for Salmon Lovers. I can see why! It costs $16.50 and always takes ages to arrive to the table... Seriously. Especially when Sam orders his ramen and he finishes it before my sushi gets to me. RAH. This photo is taken from my first order of this plate. And seriously, the subsequent orders never looked this good.

The little sushi rolls have fresh salmon, cucumber and avocado in them. The rice used is pretty soft and not the best but I will let it slide. Because of the fresh salmon sushi and the seared salmon sushi. I LOVE THE SEARED SALMON! I am not a big fan of the salmon caviar sushi so I swapped it for the seared so I get two instead of one ;)

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The reason why I fell in love with this plate (other than the seared salmon) is the first time I ordered it, the fresh salmon sushi came to me like this, familiar looking! I knew it was fresh and not just fresh, it was going to taste pretty amazing. And I was right. Unfortunately, the standards have since dropped in particular to this because I never saw the skin or this colour or cut again when it comes to me. Quite disappointing.

But well, worth giving it a go still in my opinion!

Till my next food find, Mayy xo Kai Japanese on Urbanspoon

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