Friday, October 28, 2011

M's Food Find #77

There are days here where all I want is something that reminds me of home. For the past couple of years, there are food I crave that I cant seem to get here. At least there's sometimes good imitations of the home food I love, but never replicated.

But this year, I managed to come across some place selling carrot cake (asian style) and comes with the option of white or black no less.

IT LOOKS GOOD!!! tastes pretty good too! Cant be too fussy at this point. But the (black) cakes could be smaller in size. But the taste is there! You have no idea how happy I was. The white version they have is not as good as the black. But I may be biased...

But what I really like from this place is their hor fun. I have tried so many places in Perth and no one can ever get it right. NO ONE. The taste, the look, the combinations... never ok, always lacking. But here, its near perfect (cant be too fussy and cant be compared to the best back home but slightly above average is good enough for now). Just look at the deep brown colour of the noodles and the thick consistency of the gravy.

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Other yummy items on the menu includes Mee Rochore (something like hokkein mee) and Beef noodles as recommended by Sam who brought me here. Thanks for sharing pal, wished I knew about it sooner! Haha...

Now where is this little secret you must be wondering...

Well! It is at Southlands (Burrendah Boulevarde, Willetton), at the foodcourt next to Hoyts. The very last stall on the corner. so worth the travel and lucky you if you stay nearby. Next time you are feeling a little homesick, recommend that you visit. Just blogging about it makes me want to return! And perhaps have ice kachang after...

Till my next food find, Mayy xo Hawkers Spices on Urbanspoon

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