Tuesday, February 18, 2014

mayyn meal - The Sushi Bar in Far East, Singapore

One of the hottest new places in town, this place is. I wanted to go on the Tuesday after CNY weekend but it was not open for lunch. Thankfully I managed to make a reservation for my Friday dinner. So on Friday, I got there and true to all that I've heard, there was a queue.

Once we found someone who could confirm our reservation, we were repeatedly warn about the strict rules of a 10minute wait and nobody can join us if we are already past that. So, a 4people reservation turned into 3 at our table.

It was a very busy and small place so turnover needs to be fast. So when we ordered, we were asked if that was all, and when we mentioned we may order something else later, the waitress had an attitude about it and snottily told us that the wait later will be quite long given the crowd.

I guess it reminded me abit of some small Tokyo shops?

Ordered the scallops mentaiyaki for starters. The scallops were very thinly sliced but still somewhat delicious.

It was the Chirashi don that really got me wanting to come here. So we ordered 2 to share.

I must admit, this is value for money,the slices of sashimi are definitely very fresh and sweet and thick generous portions.

It really is salivatingly good. Tastes as good as it looks. However, in Japanese cuisine, the rice is very important which unfortunately, this place did not get it right at all. It was not very sticky nor glossy. It was abit wet and soggy. Not good quality at all.

We also ordered the Aburi Salmon roll.

It was quite good I suppose, the generous ingredients are a plus. But like I said the sushi rice really didnt hold nor tie everything in properly.

On the whole, I understand its popularity due to its fresh generous sashimi and rather alright prices. However, I don't think I will return for it because of the really bad stuck-up service (kind of make sense they dont have service charge because well, they dont deserve it anyway) and the sushi rice is really a downer. 

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