Friday, July 19, 2013

mayyn meal - Bourke Street Bakery and Sonoma (Sydney)

After a very very full breakfast at The Grounds, we swung by Bourke Street Bakery to pick up a couple of tarts and cakes for tomorrow's early morning journey we had to do.

Loving the whole range and simplicity.

However, after tasting the ginger creme brulee and cake we got I really was not that impressed, something I would not travel for.

AFTER Bourke Street Bakery, we went off to ANOTHER bakery. Yes you would think we havent had enough food. BUT WELL yeah, we dug deep and found our way to the HQ of Sonoma.

They do breakfast here as well and I would love to experience that one of these days. For now, I was happy to grab the little pastries and bread loafs available on display and to go.

If only I was not that full... BUT we did manage to get something for us to try and share...

BEST cinnamon scroll around. It was light and buttery and flaky and so fresh. It was amazing. 

Besides that, a friend bought a couple of fresh bread loafs to actually bring back to Singapore. The varieties they have were amazing. And I bought a bag of spiced muesli which were amazing. Kicking myself for not buying more bags. So perfect in the morning to kickstart my day.

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