Friday, July 19, 2013

mayyn meal - The Grounds of Alexandria (Sydney)

My foodie trip in Sydney kicked off the next morning and it was fabulosity throughout the day. We started at the Grounds of Alexandria and parking was abit of a OMG given how it is situated in the midst of busy industrial buildings.

the smiles on our faces says it all. about how amazing this place is.

the place is absolutely gorgeous and it was completely love at first sight.

love the concept, love the 'feel', buzz and atmosphere of all of it!

i didnt know what to order, i wanted EVERYTHING. EVERYTHING.

the kitchen looks amazing and organised and I was so impressed. I loved where I was seated and just watching the finishing touches.

wanted to try some of these but was too full for any of it by the end. what a pity. i definitely want to return as soon as I can. The Grounds is probably the only place I completely love in my entire trip.

the fresh baked bread, the smell of it was heavenly. the sight of it was pure gold.

Coffee was quite good even though there was a bit of a mix-up on our coffee orders.

Baked beans

This is mine, the smoked ham hock and mushed peas. So fresh and SO AMAZING. Absolutely love it. so full though by the end of it. I also ordered a side of turkish sausages.

the truffle scrambled eggs and mushrooms smelt amazing, tasted yummy too.

what a romantic little spot.

this is my heaven. right here.

so fresh and beautiful.

Service at the Grounds was not completely organised but they had to deal with a pretty big crazy crowd at such early timings. They pretty much rectified any mix-ups quickly and were all really friendly. I love this place. and definitely will return. if I lived in Sydney I would be there all the time!

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