Wednesday, July 17, 2013

mayyn meal - Ms G's (Sydney)

this from sis' first visit in May before my birthday and we made it to Sydney for a long weekend. With Rachel around there as our tourguide, it was guaranteed to be a foodie one!

We started the trip with dinner at Ms G's, a 45minute wait for a table. Was it worth it? I'd say it is!!!

Stowed away in a dark street just round from Holiday Inn, may look dodgy but far from it.

The three level restaurant houses a bar on the top and the tiny first level is basically just this and while we were there, a loud boisterous longggggg table.

Eventually we did get to our seats and made our order immediately since we had enough time to peruse the menu while waiting.


Corn on the cob with the insane amount of cheese. Sinful but oh-so-good. Worth ordering? Maybe not, there are wayy better items that will fill you up!

A healthy salad of soba noodles and tobiko and sashimi. Very refreshing and light. Amazing for summer. Unfortunately we were so cold that night, this was not the best idea.

Ahhhhh, what do you see there?!

Mini Banh Mi (order individually) - Pork Belly and Katsu Chicken.

These little Vietnamese goodness were what made the wait worthwhile in my opinion. The bitesized 'burgers' were filled with flavour, bursting at each mouthful. I much prefer the pork belly one to the katsu chicken and would gladly demolish 4 of them at a go if my sister didn't give me such disapproving looks....

However, the reason which made the wait worthwhile for my hosts was this Prawn Toast. They declare it the best in the world and while I am not a mega fan of prawn toasts in general, this version is crunchy and springy. Generous filling.

And the main course of lamb ribs was quite to-die-for, the stickiness was just right and the meat was tender. Just blogging about it now makes me want to go out for dinner this even to get some warm winter fuel like this... YUM.

worth ordering but definitely a share plate! We were all so full by the end of this that four of us shared one dessert...

'Breakfast cereal'

Combined, the figs were sweet and it very nicely finished off the dinner for us.

Cheers to the chef. You made my Sydney trip worthwhile.

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