Monday, April 14, 2014

mayyn meal - Panache Cafe on Mill Street

Good Monday morning to everyone! I hope you have had a fab weekend, with good food in that beautiful summer weather we have been having?

Anyway, I recently got an email about me posting photos of people without asking for their permission. Just wanted to show the designs of these food places, and it certainly helps in locating or identifying them amidst everything no? And sometimes, the cafes are busy and inevitably people happened to be in there. Well, if you happen to be on here and don't wish to be, just let me know and I will take it down! Am totally okay with that :) Meanwhile, it obviously isn't my intentions to violate anybody's privacy.  Besides, didn't think many people read here as this is just my own records for family and friends! In addition, the email mentioned I should research on the places I blogged about. Well, all I can say is I have and with everyone being so tech-savvy these days, I don't need to repeat any information on here right? And it is just my honest opinions about the food I ate, be it good or subpar. Anyhow, I have also gotten positive emails from some others. Appreciate that you all take the time to provide feedback, good or bad! Cheers!

All that aside, here's a new wonderful little healthy cafe on the block. Follow them on instagram (@panache_cafe_millstreet)

Cute little details like that really bring out character of the place. This cafe also has outside seating area which is great and while I was there, they had a musician playing too. Perfect!

Lunchtime gets really busy with the business crowds descending from their highrises so make sure you get in early as some of the items may sell out!

I tried the new Snickers smoothie that was one of their instagram followers' ideas. Felt really good having some healthy chocolate/dessert type thing after going on this healthy food journey and havent really been able to satisfy some naughty cravings.

It did feel a little too powdery for me though towards to the end.

The pulled pork sliders I wanted sold out so I chose the Quinoa Chicken Fritatta and a side of Quinoa Salad. Some may say that's a whole lot of Quinoa, but I really enjoyed it. Certainly kept me full for the rest of the day. That fritatta was alittle dry but the chicken pieces were chunky and generous.

The salad however, was FULL of flavour and well-seasoned. SO yummy! I loved it.

Service is also great with a smile from everyone behind the counter. I will definitely be back even if it is a little bit of a hassle getting into the city on weekdays as that's the only times they are open. I really liked the idea of having this healthy option for people during business lunch hours! Totally support it.

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