Saturday, September 10, 2011

Shoestopper #45

Besides food, shoes cheer me up. But I haven't got round to purchasing any. My retail therapy has so far been online shopping of clothes and corsets and costumes and even a clutch. Wow, they all starts with C! Cookies start with C too, and one right now will be nice...

ANYWAY, I spend so much time on the computer that I even do shopping on it. Dont have much time to rock up for a nice stroll round the malls. So with shoes, I can blog about them and wear them.

But here's one I cannot wear because they are in Singapore.

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Look at the gorgeous mint green. I could not say no to it when I laid eyes on it in Novo so many years back. Yes, I've had it since I was in secondary school/high school. Hence the shorter heels ;)

They were on sale and such a steal for me! While slingbacks generally slip off my heel and this one is no exception, I still had to have it. I love the colour and the print design on the sides. Novo shoes are consistently comfortable no matter what!

It literally shines on my feet and make them look so dainty. Ladies, you like?

Till my next shoe-stopping experience, Mayy xo

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