Tuesday, March 18, 2014

mayyn meal - West End Deli

A nearby brunch outing with a friend on a Sunday brought me to West End Deli just round the corner from the freeway. A cafe tucked away in a suburb and totally just so out of the blue kind of place. I guess, that is the beauty of Perth. Unexpected good food found in unexpected places.

Alot of locals and just people/families living nearby popping in. 

I love the vibe. Friendly service.

Hot choc on a slightly more windy day as we moved on closer to autumn.

My meal of pork croquettes and creamed corn with a fried egg. The food was abit salty but kinda worked overall. However, the portions are just miniscule. Its not at all what you expect out of a brunch. Which of course, is disappointing.

The brunch companion did not find this very satisfying. For a bloke especially. This is too little food even if the concept sounded amazing on the menu. Pea mash and poached egg on quinoa. It is a very healthy meal and I did find it quite nice on a taste level. But for the prices we paid, and the portions we got, definitely NOT justifiable.

Hence, we drove into Leederville and went to The Garden for more food like this Belvedere Salmon Gravalax Salad and also some chicken wings. Oh boy...

Would I return to West End? I doubt it. But I won't write it off just yet. I want to give it a fairer opinion and perhaps sometime in the future I may return on a different season and welcome perhaps a new menu with the seasonal produce at the time.

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over the Christmas break last year, went to West End Deli again with Jodie because everywhere else seemed close. Still was not terribly impressed with the food. I admit, it is quirky and interesting but just sometimes, not what I want for breakfast at all.

The crumpet however was worth ordering and so darn yummy. Very sweet and lashings of cream. It is great for dessert after brekkie but not really enough for breakfast alone.

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