Wednesday, May 14, 2014

mayyn meal - Missy Moo's Gourmet Burger Bar in Mt Hawthorn

I haven't had a proper burger in forever so after being tempted by their instagram account, I thought what the heck, let's give this place a go! So for a slightly later dinner, a friend and I decided to catch up in Mt Hawthorn. I haven't really been so it was a little bit of an adventure for me.

Got lost alittle trying to find this burger bar but eventually discovered that it was at the back of the Mezz and when we got there, I like how it is quiet and not crowded like how Grill'd tended to be.

The menu was simple with some interesting and classic burger combinations. They were trialing a lamb burger which I sadly did not have because it had olives in it. Maybe I should have. Darn. ANYWAY,

I had this Peter, Peter Pumpkin Eater burger (spicy homemade pumpkin, spinach, cous cous, butter bean pattie, beetroot, tomato, baby spinach, aioli and chilli jam with Margaret River tomato relish)

The spices worked very well together and I love how fresh the salad in the burger was! I remembered the last time I had a burger in the bun and felt absolutely sick after. However with this burger, I felt quite alright. It was not oily, the bun was slightly crisp and fresh.

I actually enjoyed my experience here at Missy Moo's

The other burger we got was the Cow Jumped Over the Moon with premium WA lean beef pattie, blue cheese, crispy prosciutto, baby spinach, aioli and Margaret River tomato relish. My friend liked this but bearing in mind a blue cheese lover here.

Chips were okay, nothing too special like how Grill'd do them or even Burger Bistro which to me has the best chips around. HOWEVER, the burgers scored 6.5/10 for this visit where Jus Burgers only really got a 3/10, V Burger a 2, Grill'd an average 4. 

I just really like the freshness of the salad and how the burgers were not oily and loaded with mayo or something like that. Service could be improved though! Will return if we are in the vicinity but not something we will go out of the way for.

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