Monday, May 19, 2014

mayyn meal - Summer Lunch Special at Silks in Crown Perth

Nearly winter now, and you can see how much backlog I constantly run myself into. Anyway, craving for some good Chinese food again. Silks is definitely pricey but serves up quality fare that I feel is pretty justifiable with their service and ambience as well.

This is my second time at Silks and first time trying out their special lunch menu.

Loving this set of teapot and cup

Got seated in the booth all by myself! I always like to go to Silks for lunch by myself. Totally decadent and spoilt for some quality me time.

The patagonian toothfish yam ball is a signature which I've had before and I don't mind it. Spring Roll is average but really? Come on Silks, serving spring roll at your restaurant?!

But that last item is a big redeeming quality. The amazing egg custard was perfection and the whole thing is heavenly.

The steamed dimsum selection consists of the usual suspects but pimped up Silks-style.

The roasted pork belly is delicious with the right crunchy pork crackling and ratio of fat and meat. Charsiew was okay, the noodles were yummy.

By now, I was satisfied in my tummy. Could have had more but it was just right. None of the overeating dimsum nonsense you get when you order it ala-carte.


Their mango pudding is divine.

Petit fours to end the meal. $49.50 may seem steep at first but it was fine dining.

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