Wednesday, May 14, 2014

mayyn meal - Piccolo's Corner

Meeting up with a girlfriend brought us both to this little cafe in West Leederville, nestled amongst the quiet suburb. Parking is not easy around here so I would say it is truly a local's cafe but an exceptional one.

The outdoor place is beautiful with quirky corners everywhere and I love the photo opportunities it afforded.

Inside is equally unique with knickknacks put together properly and making it look put together!

A little cramped but somehow it all works.

This cafe is CASH only but I really like their service and generosity of letting people order and have their meals first if they don't have cash and come back and pay for it later! Which was what I did.

Coffee was quite good and while my latte was a little weak, the long mac that I took away was of a good standard that would warrant another visit.

The menu looked amazing with alot of fresh produce and freshly made sauces etc. I was having a difficult time deciding!

In the end, this dish of beans, chorizo and freshly made basil pesto won my heart. It smelled amazing and tasted as good as I hoped it would be! It certainly made my day!

I don't usually eat the toast but this one was so good and fresh and the sauce soaked through it making it irresistible! That is definitely high praise from me!

Tasha had the smoked salmon which was light, simple and healthy. The bread was definitely so fresh and perfect pairing here.

When I went to get cashout from nearby Coles, and went back to pay, I got takeaway coffee and could not resist a cake as well.

Mixed berries polenta cake was my choice.

Actually a little too sweet for me but really good with a cup of green tea I suppose.

Will I return? Definitely! I already tried making down once but it was close, so to succeed on my second try and have it been as good as I heard, I scored this place a 7.5/10!

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