Wednesday, May 14, 2014

mayyn meal - Raw Food Tapas Fiesta by Chris/Talesofakitchen

Both websites are by a beautiful lady Chris who makes the most beautiful and healthiest things around. Raw food is definitely a very intriguing idea and to be able to try them out for myself, I was instantly hooked.

Lucky enough to score myself a seat at her very first event held at Halo Espresso, to coincide with the Angelo Street Festival this year.

What beautiful colours!

These things are raw, I was blown away even if I am not the biggest fan of the 'bread'. Abit too dry on its own for me.

There were about 3 guys at this long table event. All 3 LOVED the marinated mushrooms. I cannot believe they are raw! What a brilliant flavour combination.

Cauliflower was really good for me with the cheese but overall I did think it was alittle too dry.

Loving the freshness of these wraps.

I was so in love with the cashew pate found in them!

Sundried tomato balls, and basil pesto ones. Oh my god. I could have kept eating if I wasn't already feeling so full. Chris certainly know how to feed a crowd.

These little cups are also amazing with cauliflower rice and fresh herby vegs.

Or even 'cheese'! So creamy. By the end of this, I was thinking that this lady is a genius. And she is so humble and shy and nervous. Her food was a hit though so much so that I would keep returning to her events after. (More photos of those to come!)

I love the hint of lavender in these 'truffles'.

Salted caramel anybody?

Last but not least, my favourite and I managed to have 2. White chocolate coconut mousse with her amazing blueberry rose superfood jam.

I ordered her Raw Basket soon after which came packed with some amazing goodies. Her treats can be found at various cafes all around Perth and her events are always getting sold out so quick. Word of mouth, instagram and good quality food will always triumph.

I wished healthy food in Perth wouldn't cost so much or that one day, I will be able to achieve a good standard of preparing and cooking these healthy foods for my family and kids. I changed my life this year, and I don't think I want to ever go back to how I was. I still love good food, I still indulge. But I can see the changes Ive made sticking with me and me actually putting effort to having this lifestyle stay for good. The inspiration out there is amazing and all the beautiful recipes and instagram accounts really motivates me!

Can't wait for Chris' third event this Saturday! :)

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