Friday, May 31, 2013

mayyn meal - The Atomic Claremont

Just updating on the time we actually make it early enough for brekkie. Atomic does not have any much breakfast deviations from the norm of big brekkies and egg bens. But well, that's how we like it sometimes. The usual.

Friend had the vegetarian big breakfast which looks fantastic and was quite filling too. Mushrooms were not too bad, the asparagus abit too wilted in my opinion but the spinach were yums.

I had the vegetarian omelette but I added a side of Blackforest Ham to it. Vegetarian no more. The omelette is good and very filling. I like the fluffiness of it. It is very good thinking back now. (tummy growls) But I felt it was a tad too expensive. 

I guess that is the common thread for Perth. Food is so overpriced at most places and eating out can be strenuous. And that is why I applaud some good restaurants out there like Jamie's Italian that stick to bringing good food at good prices which really is how it should be and how it actually is in most parts of the world around us.

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