Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Mayy's Closet - Minion Mayhem

Went out to watch Iron Man 3 on a Friday Night and the cinema we went to, Reading at Belmont had all these cute Minions stands around! I was like, I need photos with them! So my friend helped me take some with Carl and Donnie.

Moving Carl away from Donnie and I dont think he was too happy about that...

See. Not happy. But I was and I think Donnie had something going on for me...so,

I rewarded him with a little kiss and Carl got even more upset! How does a girl appease all the minions?!

Ahwell, who cares, its Donnie I want anyway ;)

HAHAHAH LAME! Okay, so I had already threw everything in the washer so I wore my peejays out. Glammed up with a black/gold jacket and gold clutch and heels always make everything better.

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