Monday, May 6, 2013

Superstar Virgo 2013

I know I am an incredibly incredibly blessed girl. While I know there are definitely the absolutely tippytop, the rich, the wealthy and the extravagant far beyond my years and experiences and powers, I still thank my own lucky stars with the little I have. I am by no means the best of the best. But to me, my father is the best in my life and I am grateful enough. I may sometimes be envious or feel like I dont have it all or even lament abit more than I should, I take it all into account and bear the burden of my own selfishness on other days. Welcome to the life of my Geminian ways.

Anyway, I was desperately finding some way to get started in my work and I just couldnt find that very crucial step. The start is always the toughest and I know I had to grasp it as soon as possible. Otherwise, I can be one heck of a procrastinator. So I cracked my brains hard and tried to find my solution and then my mother solved it for me just by merely suggesting something I thought impossible. But of course, impossibility is a myth. NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE.

At last, I stepped back into a place I had missed and a big part of my teenage years. Nothing like abit of home to get me motivated.

A new and improved look! But I am not a fan of the beds, too hard. The balcony is blocked by the curtains but definitely a must on such a trip. I cannot deal with staterooms and that is my fact. What is the point of being at sea and not seeing any of the gorgeous, well NOTHINGNESS but blue waters and clear skies.

My breakfast. The food standards and services definitely dropped so I was not impressed. But I kept telling myself the point of being on there is work, not enjoyment.

So I was a pig and had two different breakfasts before I dived into work for the day at the library all by myself while the father went off golfing with his buddies. Lunchtime was spent at the jacuzzi and pool and tanning before some food (okay alot of food for one person) and back to work till dinner time. I went for another swim before that as I know... I need to work out in some ways.

Dinner was for the golf tournament players and their guests. Special invites and definitely not the usual food I would get at the other places. So worth a few photos since the chefs put in special efforts right...

Orchids are so special don't you think?

the menu presented on a plaque with free flow whiskey. let's just say, Blue label was the standard.

Our entree was actually quite good. A carpaccio of tune and yellowtail sashimi with sushi.

Some good old chicken soup, amazing. I miss good soup like that.

Nothing too bad for the next. Some veggies and broccoli always triumphs in a Chinese setting.

Nyona king prawn curry. It was spicy and so darn yummy. Thank goodness for daddy because I don't peel my own prawns nor crabs. I am firstly terrible at doing so and secondly, its the few feminine cliches I allow myself.

Seafood pineapple fried rice with nyona sambal fish. I drizzled that curry with it and polished it all off. I was so bloated by the end of it but man, it was worth all the calories.

Dessert looked stunning. Crispy meringue and sorbet. It didn't taste that amazing because well, the presentation set the bar higher than it should have.

Daddy's Girl. Won't say much more than that.
Thank you for all that you have done for me and given me. All that I do, I try and make you proud.
Eventually, one day I hope I do just that and will keep on striving to do so.

And I leave you all with this stunning sunset by the decks.

Did the intentions behind this trip work out? Yes it did. I did what I had to, and needed to. It was worth it and I am so so grateful I had that opportunity to escape and do all that in my perfect ideal settings which I didn't think I had the chance to.

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