Monday, October 17, 2011

Kitchen Venture #10

Alright, another amatuer cooking experience but the end result (taste wise) really is yummy! Decided to blog about this after a nice conversation on how I "dont" cook. I can cook, but the efforts. Goodness me. And I am so not fond of touching raw meat. If I had to cook everyday, I would turn vegetarian!

This dish may not look tempting but it is such a simple adventure. Its basil pesto sweetchilli chicken pasta. Weird combi?

How does it look? Hmmmmmm.... I really cooked it a the spur of the moment and didnt really think I would take a record of it. But thought it tasted pretty yummy so here goes!

First ingredient, heinz shredded chicken - spicy chilli can

Next. I tried this new basil pesto brand (for me). I usually use Leggo's. You also need:
Olive Oil
Pasta (I used whoelmeal moose-shaped ones from Ikea)
Carrots (round slices)
Red Onions (chopped finely)
Minced garlic

Pretty standard and easy.

Photos credits:

So first, cook your pasta in another pot in salted boiling water. Next, prepare another pan/pot with olive oil and stir-fry those carrots and onions with minced garlic. Once both of these pots are ready, drain the pasta and add it to the carrots and onions. Mix well.

Add the basil pesto sauce to that and stir. Add water to halfway of the pesto bottle and shake before pouring it into the pasta pot. Let that simmer for abit before adding the shredded chicken. Let it sit and stir for another five to ten minutes and we are all good to go. Add cracked pepper to taste.

The resulting taste was a little hint of chilli/curry and basil. Very fresh and creamy. But I didn't quite like the Barilla pesto sauce because it was too thick and creamy in my opinion. For a more garden fresh herb taste, use Leggo's.

So I hope the photos dont put you off too much. Its worth a try!

Till my next kitchen venture, Mayy xo

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