Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Kitchen Venture #11

During the height of my stress, I bought a cake mix and left it with the girls because we just didnt get round to baking it.

Sure looks good doesn't it and I have never baked before. Thought it would be fun. And we finally got round to doing so a few weeks back when Ive completed.

Baking away in the oven and I used my castle cake mould I got from Kmart. Cutest thing ever!

All done, alittle disappointed it didnt rise enough to fill the stairs.

Now the right side up and after a bit of a wiggle...


Looks pretty cute! We didnt get frosting so couldn't dress it up.

Pretty moist and airy. Kinda sweet and tastes alot like a good pancake to be honest!

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So we snacked on it with maple syrup! It is pretty good in my opinion. Nothing fancy, good enough for a movie night in and quick baking!

Till my next kitchen venture, Mayy xo

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