Thursday, October 6, 2011

Mayy loves Cupcakes!

I wanted to blog but needed a short post because my brain is on a hiatus until tomorrow. Which will then be jumpstarted by the fact that my supervisor is back and I have a ton of work to do including meetings over the weekend. Rejoice! Not.

Anyway, my sister sent me the cutest thing yesterday! She found it in the popular Japanese shop, Daiso. Perth doesnt have it yet but Singapore does so when I get back I intend to stock up!

So what is this? CUPCAKE. in a CUP. Instant Cupcake! You gotta love the Japanese.

Okay so it will never be compared to beuatiful ones like Topthecupcake and all. BUT instant craving satisfaction. How does this work? Use a cup, beat an egg in it, add the mixture and microwave for 2 minutes. YES, MICROWAVE. YES, that easy!

WOW. Gotta love the Japanese~

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The verdict: tastes like chocolate 'huat kueh' to those who know it. Nothing fantastic and Mummy reckons should have added milk/water to it as well.

What do YOU think?! I just cannot wait to get my hands and start trying them out! To come to a good mixture... There we have it, no fuss cupcake.

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