Monday, October 31, 2011

M's Food Find #78

One of those nights where submission date was near and good food breaks are crucial to the mental well-being. Have been wanting to head down there for awhile now since Alina told me about it... And finally did so with Sam, Mick, Shiyu and Nurun. No reservations taken and will only be served when everyone is there. Dont go on a hungry tummy...and make sure everyone is ON TIME!!!

real crowded and lots of people come in and go with take-aways.

Not a very big place but still sits comfortably with pretty waitresses ;)

Located on Kearns Crescent, just round from a chinese restaurant in Applecross and lots of other food places line this street!

When we finally get round to ordering and our food arriving...

Shiyu's mixed sushi bento.

Part of the bentobox (karaage chicken)

Rice is not included and ordered separately to the bento box.

The top tier of the bento box...

Separate order of agedashi tofu.

A plate of toro salmon sashimi. I was so excited when I saw this on the menu!!! Alas, its a hoax to me. Slices were too thin, and I cant taste any difference... At AUD12 for this plate, I guess I cant expect too much. For sure, wouldnt be ordering it again.

My chilli karaage don was nothing special too...

Nurun's tempura prawn curry. Ordinary...

How the bento box was presented...

We also ordered the assorted sashimi with tuna, prawns, salmon, scallops.

Pretty fresh and sweet. I am not blown away but I concede that it is pretty good for Perth.

The main courses didnt blow us away and we were too hungry to nag at any tiny details. It is pretty standard fare and at slightly above average prices. Nevertheless, no meal is complete without desserts.

One of us ordered the matcha green tea ice cream which comes with a pathetic amount of azuki beans.
The goma/black sesame ice cream which is pretty fragrant and I quite like it!

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The STAR of Ohnamiya lies in this green tea panna cotta which I will choose to return for. It packs a solid good green tea punch and the cream is baked to a smooth consistency. The creme also compliments the panna cotta well. It is not too sweet and perfect for all green tea lovers. I was the only one who ordered it (in fact I ordered two desserts). Everyone preferred this and wished they had gotten it.

Well, not a total loss my trip there but without this amazing dessert, I wouldnt be making a return trip anytime soon...

Till my next food find, Mayy xo Ohnamiya Japanese Takeaway & Dine In on Urbanspoon

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