Thursday, October 27, 2011

Shoestopper #53

I have to blog about this because well, I have been wearing them ever since I bought them. Right from the point where I got them in the shop and I swapped my sandals that day for it until today.

I saw them in the shop weeks before but couldn't really bring myself to buying them because well, I went and bought another one! Alas, fate and destiny combines and the stars align to make her mine. Wittner's named her Galaxy and so she remains that.

Galaxy came in three colours and I chose the nude leather one (over the black suede and army-grey leather). What I really liked was the unique wedge design.

Very simple fair colours and a chip in the back. I would have to say it is not a lightweight pair of shoes. The wood is for real yo! But the leather is very good too. Butter soft and takes good care of my feet. I wear it day in day out, shopping and work. Says alot!

Wittner's is a higher-end brand here in Australia and the quality speaks for itself. That being said, their designs are pretty cute too. But the pricetags are abit hefty, its a once-in-awhile treat! But I was lucky enough to grab this at a bargain! They were having an 80% sale for four days only on the shoes already on sale. So from about $140 to $99, I finally bought her for about $35. HOW MUCH HAPPIER CAN I GET?!

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It jazzes up and adds an unique edge to any casual outfit instantly. I was just walking into uni that day when a woman came up to me and tapped me on the shoulders. She said she just wanted a closer look at my shoes because they look great. She loves the chip in the wedge just like me. So proud of Galaxy! Literally shoe-stopping!

Comfortable and goodlooking. A tad heavy but I can deal with it ;)

Till my next shoe-stopping experience, Mayy xo

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