Friday, October 5, 2012

Mayy's Closet #88

I just thought I would make up for the short closet post earlier. Okay, so I'm just a little bored.

Not the most glamorous of scenes but I was on a tight schedule! And I was with my parentals so not really anyone to help me take a cute photo..

I paired the Supre pink v-neck top with the Supre mesh maxiskirt. The corset belt was a buy from Taipei. The grey cardigan is from Chicabooti. And my beloved glitter stilettos! I just felt very tall and long in that outfit. Maybe its the maxiskirt. But good illusion for someone quite petite like I am!

I was staying at the hotel with the parentals so I didnt have much choice really. Had to throw together outfits with whatever I have packed. As I only wore that for the couple of hours in the cold winter's night, I decided to re-wear the same stuff for another simpler night out...

Except this time, I wore my coral ballet flats and used the pink top as merely an accent.

To spice up this seemingly simple outfit, I wore my peacock ring...

Aint it cute! But so big, and certainly a conversation starter!

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But of course, I prefer feeling a tall drink of soda for a dinner, and leave the ballerina outfit for a daytime outing!

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