Sunday, October 7, 2012

Shoestopper #59

Good evening everyone. How did your weekend go? I spent mine mostly reading the Time Traveller's Wife and feeling fully upset. And chatting philosophically with my friends.

Anyway, shoes make me happier!

This pair of gorgeous colourblocking retro block heels were bought sometime last year and havent yet been worn.

I really like the little detailed platforms in front. Oh, and the two colours are so pretty together. Ive loved it for so long and its great that it was in style last year. I dont often buy items just because they are in style of the season. I only really buy stuff when I can see them living with me for a longer term than that and I can see it as part of my own style.

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Block heels... I have never really worn heels that thick. They are usually quite skinny stilettos. Ah well, they do feel more supportive though when I tried them out in the Dotti store.

How would you dress this up? I havent really given that much thought. Yes and I bought it. I wasnt really thinking straight okay. It was retail therapy!

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