Friday, October 19, 2012

Mayy's Closet #89

As I go about my life, my head is filled with the potential clothing line I have created since I was a kid and never truly found shops that could satisfy me entirely, fashion wise. Affordablilty is always an issue. And quality. I just can never truly find these. But when I do, I build them into my bulging closet.

Today, I blog about my uniform. For plane rides, and all kinds of travel modes, normal days, bored days, and just overall laziness.

This electric blue oversized top is from Supre. I sometimes wear it as a dress during summer because thankfully, I am short enough as it is. Which explains my fascination with heels.

I love the oversized look and throwing on a pair of leggings for comfort. Accessories and makeup go a long way to make this outfit go from casual to dressy. I usually pile bangles (assorted and never matching) on my arms, and simple stud earrings with a statement necklace. Otherwise, it is statement earrings and simple necklace chains.

Since leggings are only good in black mostly, the makeup veers towards heavy eyeliner and darker eyeshadow shades. Perhaps I am never the pink toned kinda girl?

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Honestly, I prefer wearing leggings over my ankles so they appear longer instead of stopping short over the shoes. Ahh well, the platform wedges from Wittner's are already winning and attention-drawing all on its own. So the nude colour works well for its design and for spring and summer.

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