Friday, October 5, 2012

M's Food Find #69

Good evening everyone. The weekend falls upon us once more. I hope everyone's had a good week. Otherwise. make up for it during the weekend! It looks to be sunny and nice for us here. Unfortunately, I dont have much plans for now. I am getting used to it. But I suppose the stars have been trying to teach me something for awhile now. I am probably just grasping it.

ANYWAY, enough rambling. Let's talk food. I have been craving for Japanese ramen for so long now but haven't really got round to satisfying it. So let's blog about it!

This crowded little place is tucked away on a nondescript street in the city of Perth. Slightly away from the shopping strip. Called NAO, lunchtime crowd during the weekdays can really get wayy busy and the wait can take a while. But let's see if it is worth it.

I went there with a friend during I managed to have the special ramen!

The dipping noodles were very good. So springy and flavourful. The toppings were just the right amount to the noodles. I really cannot say much about it except I would gladly queue for it. And thats saying alot. Its worth the wait. definitely one of the best ramen I have had and also in Perth.

Had to end the lunch with dessert - azuki beans stuffed fishcakes. The outerskin was thin and crispy and the azuki beans filling was generous and a hint of sweetness. Oh it sure brought me back to Tokyo...

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The last photo is just one of their signature soup ramen dishes. Well, my lunch companion preferred Kai (another Japanese Ramen place which I had previously blogged about), but I think the noodles at Nao were more authentic. The chashu though thinly sliced had that smokey flavour which is so addictive, and so soft...

Sadly, the ramen egg was not featured. It would have made it to an 8 or 8.5/10 for me...but for now its 7.5/10 rating is good enough for me. Have you been? What do you think? Nao Japanese on Urbanspoon

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