Thursday, October 4, 2012

M's Food Find #68

Now yesterday's food find was in Singapore, today's shall feature something in Perth where I am. I went there in during the seasonal change between winter and spring so still relatively cold. Located in the heart of Subiaco, and on Rokeby Road, Witch's Cauldron is known for its fare and quite a dining experience. I was quite excited to bring my parents there on their visit because well, given its good reviews from quite a few people I know and its reputation...

Here we go.

So not impressed with alot of Aussie restaurants' menus. Such classless presentation for the prices we are to be paying. Its always the whole package. A piece of paper hardly shows any signs of details does it?

The decoration is obviously quite inspired by the name and the interior is pretty cosy I would say.

The scallops were beautifully done. Very fresh and juicy. The right touch of panseared goodness. However, in my opinion the good point ends here...

I ordered the lamb shank. I had the biggest craving and finally had the chance to have it. To me lamb shank should be melting off the bones, this wasn't really quite up to scratch. The mash was quite buttery and smooth, with the gravy, pretty yums. I didnt even quite want the lamb after that. Which is a big pity because the point of this dish is the shank not the mash!

Mama had the fish, she quite liked it. It was fresh but slightly overcook. She didnt find anything too wow about on the whole.

The famous garlic prawns. I also have a friend who I knows completely adores this. She loves it so much I can see her practically drooling just the thought of it. So does it live up to its hype? Well, the prawns were fresh and plump. You can just taste the ocean. The sauce was slightly bland and the garlic punch could have been stronger.

And we had to end the dinner with dessert, I aint going anywhere without dessert. I want some. And we did. Ordered the sticky date toffee pudding to top off the very aussie dinner menu. The butterscotch sauce was quite burnt? I didnt find it to-die-for. The toffeepudding, lets just say I have had better.

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And of course, with Daddy around, there will always be wine... Cute touch on the wine glasses.

Will I return? Probably not. Will I recommend it to any visitors? Probably not. Will I take my friends and family there when they visit? Probably not. Why? Because there are much better places around with better prices. And maybe I am spoilt with the standard of fine dining I have been exposed to all around the world.

And honestly, the prawns and scallops which were outstanding here, it was really the quality of the produce which i can find in the amazing markets around here and cook it myself. Have you been? What's YOUR experience like? The Witch's Cauldron on Urbanspoon

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