Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Little Note from Mayy...

Well, so it has been awhile since I wrote a little note here. Life is treating me pretty well at the moment. Feels completely blessed and trying to relax with it all.

This year has really flown by and caught up with me. In between, it was bloody torturous and seemed meaningless though. But with time on my hands, I decided to send messages online to friends and acquaintances whom I havent seen or spoken to for awhile. I wanted to do so because it is nice to reconnect once in awhile. People were and are in your life for a reason. Of course, and being away here alone is also something to reflect upon...

With the year coming to a close very soon, and y'all reflect on the year gone past, maybe think about the wrongs you have done and see if you could right it. Or say hi to an old friend. You never know whats going to happen right?

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