Sunday, December 16, 2012

Completely Random

Out on a jaunt with a gf in Singapore on a weekday arvo is one of life's best luxuries for me. And to spend it with Belle is even better because we have a little too much Aussie in us. Casually dressed to combat the humidity, the shopping is always better when your friend is into similar brands. 

She accompanied me yet again on one of those leisurely window shopping days. But this time, I actually had to stop in and check on something in the shops. But alas, the shop was closed for a private event which we later managed to get into. Amazing... was what greeted us in the shops.

Candy loving! Loewe sweets and desserts nicely set out to celebrate the launch of a new line.

The Loewe macaron tower looks scrumptious and the cupcakes divine. I was so busy taking these photos and looking at the bag goodies, I didnt have any to eat. Oh well, now you know where my true loyalties lie. Fashion. not food...

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So cute.

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