Thursday, December 6, 2012

Time for a Shoestopper!

Oh and this one is definitely a heck of a shoestopper!

This pair of pumps are classic vintage Salavatore Ferragamo. I am so thankful to inherit it because Mum has never ever worn it. Dad had bought it for her about 20 years ago in Hong Kong but it was too tight on her. What are the odds. Brand new and vintage.

This design is definitely old-school and somehow, I feel as if I can pull it off in this era still. That's the beauty of style and classic isn't it?

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Sure it is a little hardy but with time to break into them, Im sure its going to be one of my favourite companions. 

How would you pair this gorgeous flats with? Skinny jeans? A sixties style maxi skirt? Highwaisted floral denim shorts? Neon bodycon dress? The possibilities are endless. 

Thank you. I mean it. 

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