Wednesday, December 5, 2012

mayyn meal - La Barca

I have been craving for pasta so bad. And especially at this amazing Italian restaurant in Singapore. My family has been frequenting this joint for quite awhile now and I only been able to join them for the first time recently.

"Located just off Fort Road and Mountbatten Road on the East Coast, La Barca Ristorante & Wine Bar is nestled within the Goodman Arts Centre at 90 Goodman Road. Once in the Arts Centre, follow the restaurant signs to “Block C,” close to the Amphitheater."

The place is very quiet and nicely lit, using the word nestled was so accurate. when I went, it was alot of kids running around, family gatherings and friends catchup.

I really like the intimate settings. It is also quite a big space with many tables inside as well as outdoor settings.


The head chef is from the Tuscany region and thus, the food is heavily influenced by the amazing Italian cities of Florence and Siena. This place is famous for their Florentine Steak. Huge portions though!

Complimentary soup before we start dinner. A fish soup for that evening...

I needed to order that because well, I missed it. Cold cuts are definitely the one thing I am very in love with. This plate from La Barca has of course very generous helping. But the bruschetta were too bland and soft.

Hand cut potato wedges with rosemary and thyme. Piping hot and crunchy on the outside.

The breaded grilled prawns were quite alright but I wouldnt have ordered it given the many other yummy options. And besides, I really wanted Italian food.

The lamb ragout pici - pasta cooked to perfection, smells and tastes like Italy. something I sorely missed and am glad to have finally found outside of my favourite country in the world. I mean it when I say perfect Italian version because it is al dente and nothing like what most Singaporeans are accustomed to.

Amazing cheesy and truffle ravioli, very soft and tender pasta skin and the cheese baked to just right kind of pull.

We also ordered the hand-pulled pork version of ragout pici. Very similar I should say in terms of flavour but the pork one was softer and more minced.

Very filling dinner and so fulfilled and satisfied after it. But nothing is complete without dessert...

The restaurant also offered complimentary petit fours at every table. I am loving this amazing service!

Very sweet semifreddo. And each flavour was distinctive in each bite.

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And I got the warm chocolate tart which came as described and amazing. Its not too chocolatey and the tart is crumbly with a soft middle. Perfect end.

I was so stuffed by the end of it and loved chatting to the head chef at the end of it. And I really meant it when I said everything was good and the pasta was perfect. 

Definitely a must go, and daddy has to be prepared to be taking me there more often now. 

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