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mayyn meal - The Merrywell

The hot new gastro-pub that's got the city talking. Merrywell at Burswood. Or the newly renovated Crown Casino. 

I had to go there for a looksee myself right? And also because I live too closeby to not go there. My first experience was with Chiara and Abby on a weekday afternoon for a catch-up lunch.

The interior is pretty big and spacious. I love the informal outdoor settings and how its set all on its own outside of the hotels and casino. The wood decor and brown orange lighting makes it look warm and inviting.

Thats the French fries with bacon aioli. I love the way its been served to us. And even more impressive is the even thickness of the handcut shoestring fries. Its fresh frites which is one of my major weaknesses of all time. And to have it in shoestring form and a bit of the skin on is pure luxe.

The bacon aioli is creamy and thick and a little spicy.

I ordered the D-Man and G-Mac BLT sandwich. I could not resist pancetta and bacon and onion rings. I found it a bit overwhelming for me though. So salty and greasy. The onion rings were alittle bland and soft too. The fried egg, I wish the yolk was runny too and would have have just brought the whole sandwich together.

Chiara had the lobster brioche rolls which were quite a small portion really but it is an entree. 

The company was amazing for my lunch though, and the menu for dinner looks so good I knew I had to go back again...  And so I did...

Returned with X on a Saturday evening. Lucky we got there just before 5pm and had a table to sit at. otherwise, reservations are advisable. The place was quite packed and by the time it hit 7pm, the place was wayy crowded with all kinds of people. Most very nicely dressed up though.

That jar of yumminess is Strawberry Fields. Just a blend of alcohol mix in a jar. Too much ice in my opinion but great for drinks with the girlfriends and on a hot summer day.

We ordered the Merrywell Chips. Kinda like very roughly cut potato wedges with bacon aioli. I prefer this to the French Fries though. Maybe because it had more bite in each mouthful.Well seasoned.

I saw this on the menu and knew I had to order it. Red Velvet waffles and Fried Chicken with killer bee honey. Weird combi but I never stick much to ordinary stuff anyway. The portions were generous! I couldnt finish the fried chicken at all. They were very crispy and tender and hot. Nice. But I felt it lacked in seasoning somehow. The red velvet waffles were yummy and had that hint of lemon zest in each bite. I quite enjoy it. Once to try it is quite enough for me.

The menu had so many other wonderful things to try that I know I will keep going back for more.

X ordered the Chicken Parmagiana which came with pasta. I tried some and loved the freshly made egg pasta. Interesting. The pub grub dont come cheap but at least the portions are insane.

Indeed, DUDE FOOD.

And because I have been craving for this since I saw Abby eat it on my first visit, I decided to head down to the pub one late afternoon alone for an early dinner...

The Merrywell Caesar Salad with added Grilled Chicken. The croutons were abit too big to handle and tough because of its size. But other than that I loved it. The whole thing was wonderfully crisp and light and refreshing. Best part?

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The runny poached egg,fried on the outside. Amazing technique involved and I completely love it. Perfection.

Would I return? FOR SURE. Prices are a bit steeper than elsewhere but the surroundings are beautiful, the location amazing, and food pretty special.

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