Monday, June 24, 2013

mayyn meal - The Dancing Goat

Just one of those Mondays again. Bright, sunny, a nice cool breeze. And then brunch ritual.


Decided to check out The Dancing Goat just round in Cottesloe. Not down by the beach strip, and not too far away from Claremont Quarter.

A small little cafe that serves up organic and fresh healthy food.

Its really quite cute and the outside seating area is perfect for summer days!

The inside is also quite funky.

Iced mocha for my brunch companion. Abit too diluted for me. Maybe all that ice, or maybe I like my cold coffee ice blended.

The Trainer's breakfast is simple and healthy to the max! I really liked those beans.


My burrito was very yummy and healthy. I felt really good eating it.

Unfortunately, it did not fill us up enough. The food were delicious, simple and so wholesome. Service was friendly and the laidback vibe was something to look forward to.

Probably will take me a while to want to return again as there are so many others out there who's better or just waiting to be tried out. It is convenient for those living in the area but don't go down when you are too hungry because I ended up goiing two places for brunch that day... or is it because I am just a pig? The fare isnt cheap but I suppose you are paying for quality! 

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