Monday, June 24, 2013

Mayy's Closet

Just wanting to say byebye to the lovely dress that I have flea-d.

An asymmetrical palm trees dress from Ally that I have worn a few times, both daywear and nightwear. Especially good in humid Singapore. But with my magical closet that expands all the time, I have to give some stuff up (the bag that holds all these expands every other day too!)

A few bangles - Love from Diva, a handdrawn black one which has since faded, colourful neon ones that I picked up over the years. Some days less is more, and some days more is more.

A sneaky selfie. A top from sis closet and my trusty denim shorts in Singapore. Everytime I am back in Singapore, the first week of ootds look that way. Shorts, havis and a cool shirt. Cool, as in temperature wise. Sunnies and a small bag to sort of relieve me of some adult responsibilities that I constantly have to shoulder over in Perth. Vacation indeed.

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