Thursday, June 13, 2013

mayyn meal - John Street Cafe

Tucked away from the main strip on Cottesloe/Marine Parade, nestled in the midst of the beautiful homes residing in the suburb...


There is a cafe that serves all day breakfast! ALL DAY.

Went down on a Monday and it was relatively quiet.

Like the space and veranda and the true blue beach vibe. Nothing pretentious.

Eggs benedict for my friend. I found it abit plain, very small and simple.

whereas, I am abit of a pig and ordered the big breakfast which looks fabulous! Went with choice of scrambled eggs because I havent had it in such a long while.

Loved the table artwork too: Bikinis and Brunch, I call it.

The eggs were smooth and quite creamy, the beans were fantastic and the potato cake was not bad, just a bit cold. The mushrooms had definite flavour but wished I had more of it. All in all, very simple but done well.

Would I return? Not in a heartbeat but definitely on the list of where to go if I want a little peace and quiet, and simple fare.

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