Thursday, June 13, 2013

mayyn meal - Tarts

Sunday brunch before footy. I decided to head down to Tarts Cafe at the quiet part of Northbridge for brunch since I have never been and it is on the way to Subiaco.

Apparently voted as best brunch in Perth by a radio station. High expectations set?

Cute idea for a group reservation or family meal.

The counter of goodies and open kitchen behind the till.

Little kitsch quirky things to be found all round!

Another little enclave which looks wayyyy comfy.

The outside area where we chose to seat ourselves since it was such a sunny day.

Loveseat ;)

And where I chose! The cutest pink set ever!!!

A coffee for me, juice for my friend. Cute way to present the juice I should say.

Ordered the breakfast platter to share.

And a simple eggs and mushrooms side ensured full tummies for two! Nothing too spectacular for the mushrooms (definitely average for Perth standards), pretty standard dish.

The beans were quite watery and I just found myself not really liking it as much as the others I have had elsewhere where they were always cooked well and seasoned. The smoked salmon blinis are alright. Abit bland if not for the cream cheese. The fritatta is not WOW, but quite chocked full of ingredients which is always nice.

I really liked the setting of the place... but not much else. Don't find myself wanting to go back unfortunately especially since Sayers Sister is just down the road serving much better fare.

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