Monday, June 24, 2013

mayyn meal - Foam Espresso Bar

New cafe alert! Being in Leederville, I would mostly choose to have sat down at Greens N Co for some coffee and cake under those lanterns. But I have since found out that the place only really looked pretty and the cakes are never really that amazing anyway.

So that night, I walked across from Greens and being the snoop I am, I decided to check out the new cafe that was very tidy and simply furnished. Nothing fancy schmancy and yet still so welcoming.

The Death by Chocolate cake. Indeed.

Very chocolatey, I wondered if I heat that up in the microwave would it be full on deadly chocolatey?

With hot chocolate and a tiny teddy and marshmallow for company. Too cute for words.

I like the whole vibe and definitely quieter and so much nicer for a catchup than over in Green's. Good friendly service. Foam's here to stay, I say! 

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