Monday, June 24, 2013

mayyn meal - Deli Chicchi

I have been wanting to come here for ages and I finally did on Mother's Day this year. Not because I am celebrating Mother's Day, just it was a Sunday and of course I try and go find myself some brunch on such a lovely day!

Drove down Mount Claremont and tucked away in the quiet suburbia.


Deli Chicchi was a charming little corner at the shops and seeing all the families out celebrating warms my heart. I definitely miss my own back home loads!

So many choices! didnt know where to begin!

A skinny latte and sunset juice. 

Ended up having to sort of mummy my friend alittle on Mother's Day as he broke his finger and in a cast. Cutting up the food and all, oh wells.

The salmon flute - with sides of beans and mushrooms. I found this quite enjoyable. Not the best I have had around but I am glad we ordered the sides.

The three ways breakfast was a delight and I am so glad I ordered that. The grilled haloumi is so good and the flavours make for a very very spoilt brunch choice. I love it.

Overall, service was quite good and quick despite the place being quite packed. The line to order didn't take too long and the vibe was so laid back and family friendly. I really liked it. Prices are average Perth so don't be surprised. These days being here so long, I have since got quite used to the prices which I should not be.

This place is definitely well established in the area. A place to keep in mind for next visits when I am down that way again!

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