Thursday, November 17, 2011

M's Food Find #81

Quite a rare miss on the May's culinary adventure in Perth this year. Mahsuri Satay Restaurant in East Vic Park along Albany Highway. We stopped by for lunch one hot spring day and quite sad to see only one other couple in the restaurant.

Ordered a jug of bandung - rose syrup drink. I love bandung and was really happy to have had it. It came with sweet corn in it which was abit weird but cool for the hot day.

The restaurant's ONLY saving grace and perhaps why they named it so. Their lamb satay were nicely grilled and tender. Comes with onions, cucumbers and ketupak, traditional!

Sam's laksa was lukewarm and very very bland. Tasteless and the gravy is kinda like coloured water. Yeuch.
My mee rebus looks good but equally tasteless. I didnt even finish it. Service took pretty long for an empty restaurant and very disappointing when the food served finally was quite horrid.

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They didnt have fan or air-con switched on! So we were kinda sweating and NOT enjoying our food. No prizes for guessing I wont be returning anytime soon.

Till my next food find, Mayy xo Mahsuri Satay Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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