Saturday, November 26, 2011


Scared and scarred to say the least.
Both guarded and protective,
Cynical and paranoid.
Blame no one, because these are choices.

Choices born out of experiences
Decisions made in situations
Pride and selfish reasons,
short-term relief but ultimately destructive.

Words and feelings shared may be manipulated and manipulative.
Actions prove otherwise but,
often neglected or turned a blind eye upon.
Who is to judge, but the words uttered?

For these words will often be taken upon face value,
intended for certain reasons by author
whether it reflect the truth or otherwise.
What is it that one holds so dear?
Perhaps the truth may destroy,
or be brave and take a leap of faith.

As the rain falls,
teardrops washed away,
words spoken fade in memory
prose written saved for time
but actions live on.

Who is to know what the future holds?
But are you willing to write your own destiny,
act upon those promises,
live to no regrets,
having done what your heart desired and
accept the consequences after?

Loved ones may be lost,
Things held dear may be lost,
but author knows the courage and institution upheld.
Yet is anyone willing to take the risks?

C'est la vie
Easier said than done.

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