Saturday, November 26, 2011

What is your Drunk Characteristic?

It is undeniable I like my alcohol. It is undeniable this has been inherited from my paternal side. I had my first taste when I was about five, when Daddy let me have Tiger Beer.

I have seen many under the influence of alcohol, from high to tipsy to absolutely overboard and incomprehensible. Till today, I am just understanding my limits and my chracteristics. I am thankful for my genes where I have a high tolerance. Just keep me to one/two varieties in the night and I shall remain sane. If I gave myself at least eight (tried and tested) combinations on an empty stomach, I am afraid I will have to puke in spite of the awareness. But that will be binge drinking and in all my tender years, its been only two times. First time, my 21st birthday where I have had cocktails, wine and then 13 shots and then mixers. Second time, hungry and have had about 10 different kinds of drinks in the night.

I have seen grown men high and drunk, things they do and say. I have seen young men drunk and unreasonable. I have seen violence and sadness and extreme happiness. There were overshare of friendliness and too much 'love' expressed. The raunchy dances, the embarassing confessions, the overdose of drugs. Me, no one really can comprehend because people I drink with have remarked all differently.

I am quiet and private and as per normal to most these days. Talkative and at ease with few. But the truth is, all these seemed relative because of my Gemini qualities. Friends who knew me since my sec school/jc days, I am no different from the loud personality they all knew me as. Friends who knew me in uni, I was the friendly but private person. I always keep to whatever image the group knew me as, but intrinsically, a tweet by ZodiacFacts says it all.
"@ZodiacFacts: For a sign that shares everything often obsessively #Gemini's living hell is being left in the dark."

I am too in control and manipulative at whatever state of my mind I am in. I wished I wasn't. That I could truthfully say I was drunk and I spouted nonsense. Truth is, the mind is too calculative for its own good.

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