Thursday, April 25, 2013

Friday Night Footy - Freo Dockers v Essendon

Two years ago, my ex boyfriend brought me to my first Aussie footy match. Suffice to say I fell in love with the sport being live at a footy match. I went for a few more while we were together. Then obviously, while that relationship died down, I knew I still wanted to experience the live matches. It is one of the more Aussie part of me. Footy season is amazing.

AND FINALLY after a long hiatus, I learnt how to buy my own tickets online and managed to get a couple for one of the first few games of the season.

Very lucky to be seated in the first row given I paid about $25 for a ticket which is one of the cheapest around. Being amongst the opposing team's crowd, however... well I got beer and sprite on my hair when a scuffle broke out behind me...

Warming up.

From the back while we were looking for our seats.

ALRIGHT, footy players are actually quite hot and have such amazing lean bodies. I confess.

A Dockers huddle. They are not my favourite team but being in Perth, I am of course partial to root for both Freo and Eagles depending on the game I am attending. Unless its between them both, then of course I go for the underdog team which is usually the Dockers.

Ended the night after footy at The Local Shack on Murray Street for dinner and had to give their watermelon cocktail a go. What a great idea and just fantastic for summer!!!

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