Thursday, April 25, 2013

mayyn meal - Food for Me

I havent been to Vic Park for ages even though I really do live a few blocks away. Its different when your friends no longer live around the area too!

Missed brunch so much so that I decided to go out on a Saturday for it. And this time, we went to Food for Thought on Albany Highway.

The shopfront may look really tiny but inside is actually quite spacious.

Outside seatings for coffee catchup or just appreciating the gorgeous weather that weekend mornings are famous for.

A choco mint milkshake for my brunch companion. Dude can afford the calories. I stuck to water because I didnt need coffee.

Coffee Essence Hotcakes were abit flat and chewy. Not the best pancakes around. They do sound good and also have that coffee aroma about it. But the taste didn't get there.

 I had the corn coriander fritters with a generous avocado portion and poached eggs. I really liked my brunch that day, I thought it was healthy and yummy. Would have been better if the avocado's been sliced or fanned out. 

Eggs ben with a side of mushrooms. Generous portion with too much bacon. Wait, is there such a thing as too much bacon? Hahaha/ But I think it was good because dude finished it all.

Yes, three plates for two persons. We were very greedy and then too stuffed at the end of it all. Would I return? Maybe...since I had one more item I wanted to try on the list. Other than that, there are many other brunch spots yet to be discovered by my taste buds!

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