Thursday, April 25, 2013

Mayy's Closet

Quick outfits post on tee-shirt dresses. They are so difficult to come by!!! 

And there is a new trend with Aussie online shops so I have been so tempted with getting them in various prints. Alas, one particular cut didn't suit me so I end up having to ship everything back for refunds. Sighs. I really liked those prints. But out of so many, I found one that stuck...

I wore that to my Graduate Research School orientation and got a couple of compliments for it. The ladies loved the bright floral print. I love it too and can't wait for the warmer seasons to roll round so I can wear it again! Here's hoping I get to snag a few more in the passing months!

I know the flash sucked here but this white pink teeshirt dress is one of my first few from ages ago and survived till now. Got it in Bangkok and wished I had gotten them all in the colours available.

Tee shirt dresses are great for pairing with leggings too and layering with knitted cardigans. They are sexy yet demure and just so easy to throw on, dress up or dress down with. My closet loves are definitely maxidresses and tee-shirt dresses. Aplenty out there but rare that one is perfect. When they are perfect for your body shape, they are absolutely golden and key to feeling great even on a makeup free day. Stilettos are still my number one faves though!

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