Friday, April 5, 2013


I went through my first bout of insomnia a couple of weeks back. A week of sleeplessness left me reeling because I havent yet done anything that warrant my body and mind to not wanna shut down just yet. I know I can function on adrenaline if I absolutely have to given a deadline. I have a secret undeniable love for what I do at the moment that I know it is no issue for me to go without sleep when I have to. BUT NOT JUST YET. I have a full three years ahead after all, and a possible one year to get to the insomniac stages.

Anyhow I came across this online and found it useful, hence a blog post about it so I can keep it in my records. This blog will soon serve as my own life archive.

Lavender... as much as I love the aroma of Jasmine flowers, I always felt soothed by lavender aroma. It calms me down a little less than what being in the water would do for me. But during winter, it is no joke to go swimming. I bought a Lavender scented candle from Airwick the other day. Should insomnia hits again, I am now hopefully prepared.

Cereal for dinner could work now! Nobody should give me grief anymore should I choose to have a bowl of oats or crunchy nuts for dinner. Cherries can be quite sour and the pits in them are really the pits, ruining my cherry experiences so no thanks, Imma gonna stick to my seedless grapes for now.

Herbal teas - boiling water and scalding your tongue at night can be so bothersome.

Ive tried meditation, it most certainly takes some kind of discipline. Which unfortunately has deluded me for a few years now. Yoga... yeah well. I try. For now, let's pray for the wonders of lavender to work.

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