Friday, April 5, 2013

mayyn meal update - The Merrywell

It is not my fault that this place is so darn near to me, and convenient for some form of good/comfort food anytime. I must have the most comprehensive reviews of the Merrywell's menu so far. Having tried half or more through their menu, I still know I will keep going back despite the steep prices.

A couple of specials on a Friday night. Sushit roll was sold out so I didn't get to try them. Currywurst was actually not too yummy. I didnt like the flavours all together. Stick to the twin relish dogs or get french fries separately.

From a rare yucks meal at the Merrywell to my new found favourite item on the regular menu so far! 

the dish so good to me that it warrants its own blog post update on the Merrywell's menu.

Fragrant coconut rice with spicy jerk chicken (2 GENEROUS PORTIONS of chicken) and topped with a fresh tasting fruit salad.

That coconut rice was fragrant and definitely yummy. I am asian, I know good rice. HAHA. This one is.
The chicken was done to perfection, juicy and tender on the inside and the flavourful skin that goes well with the rice. The fruit salad was abit too sweet for me but I reckon it was good to balance off the spiciness of the jerk chicken. Overall, still a dang good meal. I have half a mind to head down later just to have it again. 

On hindsight, I went there very early on a Thursday evening say about 5pm for dinner so with not much of a crowd, the chefs had time to serve up a near perfect dish...

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