Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Mayy's Closet

How was everyone's Easter break? Mine was fairly easy-going. Started on Thursday evening and pretty much only ended yesterday! Anyhow, here's an outfit post that I did NOT wear over the weekend. I just got backlogged. as usual.

At The Attic, Freo as posted in the last one. on Saint Patrick's Day. So a dash of green without being all StPat's like.

For a day in Freo, this dress is just whimsical enough. But the bodice was abit hot and the day was abit warmer than a normal autumn day. Still in summer mode.

Got it online from Lucy but saw that it was available on a couple of other sites too.

What drew me to it was probably the mint greenish blue prints and the neckline.

Would have paired it with wedges or a pair of gold sandals but thought I would run the risk of being abit too matchymatchy.

A full skirt and simple back to the dress.

Would have needed a bit of ironing going on there but it was the first time I wore it out and it hadnt been in the wash before. Anyway, there was a mesh skirt underneath it to give it that bit of volume.

Just found the dress very comfy and allows me to eat with it on! Haha, so good for a food day out kind of thing. Anyway, a few outtakes from my phone...

A forced OOTD for her and I to go up on instag. Haha! All in all, definitely a dress to be worn for spring and summer, casual or dressed up. A staple one that is to be kept and worn time and again.

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