Wednesday, March 27, 2013

mayyn meal - The Attic

A Sunday brunch in Fremantle, early again with my favourite earlybird. We made it a quest to search for the Attic and we found it. It was quiet morning when most are still awaking, but there are plenty of others already enjoying their breakfasts in the different cafes and restaurants on the Freo strip.

The Attic is round the corner and tucked away in an unassuming typical Freo alleyway.

A small shopfront and seatings on the upper deck. It was quite a hot day so without much ventilation in the place, it felt abit stuffy.

A pretty good comfy space with a couches area just up from the stairs.

Cool luggage trunk bundles. Can I just have one or all of them?

Shaksouka with white cheese. Something like baked eggs and tomato based. Turkish?

It really was quite yummy.

Runny egg yolks and thats what the toast are for. Looks like a very simple healthy brunch but still quite filling even without the toast.

Baked oats and yogurt for X who needed to detox her meat-filled dinner the night before.

Apparently it was too much and filling. She couldn't even finish it. I tried some, it was healthy. Cute plank though!

(Instagram @mayyb)

Just us and juices. Me waiting to dig in!

The choices arent that many but it is definitely worth going down for a visit!

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