Friday, March 15, 2013

random mayyn meals

Missing out on lunch today but had a lot of little cashew cookies that melts in my mouth. Other than directly consuming butter and sugar, I dont know what else could substitute that kind of a meal. HAHA. But lest you think thats all I eat on a normal's some of the food I managed to digest over the past week.

At the Belgium Beer Cafe for a quick snack, frites and 'Belgian Waffles'. All sounded good on the menu but sorely disappointing. I mean those arent belgian waffles. They are regular thin not so yummy ones. Even the frites were abit tasteless and of the frozen-fried kind. Wont be heading back in a hurry! Because they dont come cheap either.

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On the Monday after, I managed to catch up with Jon and dupped him my Monday lunch buddy.

Headed to Atomic at Claremont Quarters and had the Grilled Veg Bruschetta. The feta is delicious. and the veggies and fresh basil pesto really all came up to a filling and very yummy lunch. Definitely my kind of thing. 

Second time for me at Atomic and so far, I have been impressed. The first time I had their lightly fried calamari salad which was so filling and the feta totally blew me away. I loved it.

Seeing how I am just up the road from Quentin Avenue these days, Atomic is definitely one of those I will be heading back to anytime. 
(Maybe one of these days I will be early enough for their brunch menu)

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Since Ross was craving for Grill'd, we headed down together a couple of days ago for a late lunch. One of my favourite places to go for a burger, I decided to take it easy that afternoon with their Grilled Chicken and Promegranate salad. After all, I was going out for a Thai cuisine dinner that evening with Jod and the girls. ANYWAY, coming back to this salad. The promegrenate really made a difference and the whole dish was very yummy and healthy. Not much to fault really!

Just gives me more reason to love this burger place even more than I already do.

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And of course, some days you just want to stay home and eat naked in your peejays.
Put together a big bowl of peppery rocket leaves and cherry tomatoes. Added light cheddar cubes though I much prefer feta. And put in a bit of work into making the smoked salmon look pretty by twirling them into rosebuds. A dash of oliveoil and balsamic vinegar.

It is after all Friday, so I hope you all are celebrating with some good food tonight!

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