Tuesday, March 12, 2013

mayyn meal - City Farm Cafe

Upon hearing that there was an organic farm right in the city of Perth, we had to go check it out. stat.

Tucked away at the very back of East Perth and with a yellow cat stop just in front of it, convenience at City Farm Cafe is definitely such a plus. Not only that, I really felt like I was brought back in time alittle. Quiet, tranquil and not in the city at all. (we were there on a Sunday)

The cakes display were just so tempting even though we were there for brunch, I can so foresee just sitting there for hours and then having a cake and coffee after. Everything looked so good.

My brunch for the day with watermelon juice.

Crushed avocado with lemon juice on toast and wilted spinach with a side of poached egg.
Very healthy and yummy and the lemon with avocado really wakes one up. Definitely add poached eggs to this meal because the yolk on avocado is heavenly. 

X ahd the mushrooms on toast which were so good. The mushrooms were very very tasty and full of flavour. With the feta or ricotta cheese on toast it was a match made in foodie heaven somewhere.

I like the fact that we could choose and eventually make our own meals. They dont add up to too much, just standard prices for eating out in Perth.

We definitely could not resist temptation and after much deliberation (a game of rock paper scissors), we ended up with their dark chocolate brownie.

It may look deceivingly normal but the taste is anything but. Definitely one of our new addictions.

The top bit of the brownie is crispy and light like nothing we have ever tasted. The brownie itself is fresh and light and chocolatey and abit dense and melts in my mouth.

Overall, a heavenly meal. So simple and good. Made with fresh organic produce indeed.

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