Wednesday, March 27, 2013

in a white cold week

Continuing from the previous ootd post, the week (due to laundry constraints) was a white based one! Unfortunately it was a cold week but I struggled through it with a blanket or jacket.

Monday's dress was something Ive had for years and really probably only worn less than ten times because I used to pair it with leggings for autumn and considered it too short for summer...Till summer became too hot and I want to keep cool at all costs. Love the side pockets and tapered in hemline. Used to pair it with my green Varinas to match the green prints. But it was purple and pink flats for the day!

Went out for lunch on Monday which has become abit of a nice routine. We decided to head out to the beach's Naked Fig and I wrapped myself up with a blanket that they provide while sitting out on the veranda. Perfect way to end all Monday blues!

A silk sateen printed handkerchief maxidress with asymmetrical hemlines for a picnic dinner and outdoor movie Saturday night. Let's just say its lucky I brought along a blanket to keep warm.

It was a debate on whether I should wear this to uni but I did throw on a jacket anyway. Ive also had this for years, since high school like the Monday dress. Never wore it alot because I loved it too much and did my best to prolong its existence. Also, a white laundry week only takes place twice or thrice a year. Since learnt that I will bring this back to Singapore where it belongs with its summer print and material, and to aid in my minimal efforts dress up mode there.

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